A Little Rebirth


A Little Rebirth

A Little Rebirth is a 30 minute documentary about the creation of the Somali Association of Arizona by Somali immigrants and refugees in an effort to help the newest arrivals from refugee camps abroad. Meet two faces found at the SAA: Mumina, a disabled expectant mother facing economic hardship, and Mohamed, a teenage boy who eagerly explores American culture while using his growing knowledge to help other Somalis.

Explore the resilience of the human spirit through the story of refugees from the Somali Diaspora settled in Phoenix, Arizona. A Little Rebirth shows how this community has taken root and bloomed, all the while creating an infrastructure to assist new refugees as they arrive from war-torn Somalia and dangerous refugee camps.

You will hear stories of sorrow and abuse but also of survival. You will learn about the struggles and hardships of starting new in a foreign society, but you will also witness success.

In 1991 the onset of the civil war in Somalia marked the end of life in Somalia as we knew it. Come witness a little rebirth as we Somalis survive and rise in the desert of Phoenix, Arizona.

A Little Rebirth won an award from the Somali Association of Arizona for “Giving Somali Refugees a Voice.” It is still is regularly aired on PHXTV and Know99 television stations in the Phoenix Area. My greatest compliment was when, before its release date, I found it was being bootlegged in Somali stores across the country.


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